Dr Manish Gupta is a young and dynamic member of the team. After his MBBS, while doing post-graduation course of DNB, he got an extensive exposure at an advanced multi speciality Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre at Delhi to get the grasp of basic and advanced techniques in evaluation and management of common medical conditions that a family physician will encounter. His special interest in lifestyle diseases of today - the Metabolic Syndrome, like Diabetes, Obesity and Thyroid related diseases led him to focus on those diseases. He is a pleasure to each and every patient as he liberally discusses all the issues of the lifestyle impacting the disease and highlights the importance of exercise, the type and timing of food and medication to achieve the much desired uniform control of blood sugar levels. He is one of the first in the city to be appointed by the Abbot Pharmaceutical Panel to use their 15 days continuous blood glucose monitoring device. He is uptodate with the latest in the field of Diabetes, and patients are satisfied and delighted when it comes to controlling and monitoring their Diabetes.

Dr Manish Gupta was astonished to see a new emerging medical specialty of Medical Acupuncture while in the United States, of course adapted from the traditional Chinese medical system (or may be even Indian – don’t we practice ear and nose piercing rituals!!). He confirmed from the WHO about the authenticity of the practice, and then diligently pursued it and getting a University Gold Medal for getting the top rank in the only available course of PG diploma in India from IGNOU. He contends that Medical Acupuncture can help without pain killers for chronic conditions, which have serious side effects, particularly in the elderly.

He sharpened his skills at the prestigious University in China, and is offering this unique service for relief in musculoskeletal aches and pains, disturbed sleep and a few more indications where it has been of proven value. He has helped many of the foreign diplomats from the Embassies, who have experienced the benefits of the therapy in their country and find the same level of comfort and service here.